About us

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Our Mission

We aim at delivering high quality service for a third of the price because we believe every company out there should be safe,not waste their bandwidth and deliver emails reliably.

We are a young European Company that develops custom web applications and aim to deliver the best there is when it comes to web services.

This is a branch that we own and it is based on an internal service we developed and decided to make it public so big or small companies can do safe checks
that are cheaper and easier to implement than most providers.

Our service it is designed to be simple and easy to use so that every developer you may hire, can implement it succesfuly in less than 10 mins.

The greatest asset that this service has to offer is the fact that you pay for what you use and you get to keep your old credits on every new purchase.You need 20K emails checked, no problem, just get the desired plan,
no subscription required , nothing, ONE TIME PAY and YOU GO YOUR WAY!

Why Us

Cheap service

We charge 0.003 cents per request and you also get 150 requests upfront which you get to keep every time you upgrade.

Free Bogus Checker

Whenever you provide a incorrect email, invalid email or bogus email, it is treated as a non-credit request, meaning that it does not consume your credits.

Easy to implement

We realize that companies tend to pay a lot for API Integrations so we made this service fast, easy and first of all, cheap to implement.