API Docs

You find everything that you need to know right here.

Important information
PLEASE NOTE: Not every request consumes credits
The following endpoints(on specific circumstances DO NOT consume credits):
  • Check API (never)
  • Checker:
    Consumes only when:
    • You provide a VALID email address

    DOES NOT consume when:
    • You DO NOT provide an email address
    • You provide a incorrectly formatted email address
    • BOGUS System detects a bogus email address
Main API Endpoint:

Query-ing the API
Main steps to initiate the API query-ing action:
  • Go to your account settings -> Account Settings
  • Navigate to the API Info tab (by default the API information is displayed first)
  • Copy your API Key -> eg: P1G3hh3hh3h86B9BU9Q3P4JZ2K9M3LMAR2LBE7S2IOYUV7J744
  • Point your client(web browser, curl client, GET query-ing tool) to the API endpoint

API Endpoints
Our API currently supports the following endpoints:
  • Info This will return endpoints information as well as what DATA these endpoints require.
  • Check API: Returns information about your API key (Current quota, Allocated quota , Last used):
  • Checker: Returns the check-up result for the email address provided:
    (Host information, Email username information, Catch All, Syntax Valid, Risky, Disposable ,Deliverable, Domain information)
Our API supports the following clients:
  • PHP [Download]
  • Python (comming soon)
  • Javascript (comming soon)